Sunday, March 25, 2012


After procrastinating for several months, I finally sat down to begin constructing this blog.  I'm not quite sure where I'm headed with it or even the intended purpose, so I'm just going to jump right in and start spewing out whatever comes to mind.  WARNING, it might get weird.

Eight months ago I adopted (into my digital repertoire) the amazingly handy app, Evernote, which has proven to be flip'n awesome!  I use it to capture personal thoughts, creative ideas, and interesting web based content.  After several months of clipping online articles and web pages, I finally took time to refer back to many of the "clippings," which is how I've spent the majority of this dreary wet day.

It's late now, and as I reflect on my earlier reading escapade, there's one article I can't stop thinking about, Big Brands Like FaceBook, But They Don't Like to Pay.  I've been wondering how brands determine the value of Facebook Likes & then monetize those Likes and other consumer responses/activity.  Emily Steel and Geoffrey A. Fowler helped clear up some of these questions in their article published in the Wall Street Journal.


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